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The project

The project is named "Marvellous Calitri" it is being developed in small phases with the bigger plan being the development of tourism in the town of Calitri, in the heart of the beautiful countryside of Southern Italy. At this present time there remains an assortment of homes available to potential investors. It is in this particular context that finds its natural position the project "Marvellous Calitri". This offer presents a real opportunity to become the owner of one of the most beautiful properties in the old hamlet of Calitri, at the same time giving potential investors the chance of getting a foot on the property ladder in this part of Italy which is in the process of being developed as a major tourist attraction. For those investors thinking of buying a home in Calitri, they will now become part of the second phase of the overall project, which is now ready to rent houses to tourists visiting the enchanting hamlet of Calitri. Earlier investors are now able to receive a return on their investment or if preferred have a property for family holidays in a splendid place; all of Calitri’s population will benefit from the economy produced by tourism and work for that showing all its warmth and hospitality.

Why choose Calitri

Calitri is a little village situated in the middle of three regions of the South of Italy: Campania, Puglia & Basilicata. The old hamlet benefits from a good exposure facing South-East. It is composed of a maze of tangled little streets which all start from the head of the hill which was the old castle. All corners of the old hamlet are soaked in history, culture and traditions. In fact, Calitri has very old origins, older than the medieval era, even today; it has a classic feel of that era. There are lots of interests unique to the ‘Calitrian’ people such as their culinary delicacies unique to Calitri: Calitri has its own gastronomic speciality’s produced locally in the traditional way, especially cheese and wine, local dishes are based on traditional cooking and good old fashioned methods. Calitri also boasts many beautiful Mediterranean flowers; exquisite arts and a strong tradition in

ceramic and wood handmade works, still represented in the many workshops that are in Calitri. There is also a wide range of nature to suit all; Calitri is situated in a very lavish naturally ‘green’ area.

Investing in Calitri means being part of a project for tourism development, strongly wanted for the internal areas of the South of Italy. You could be one of the pioneers in this largely unspoilt areas of Italy, the Italian government and European Community have committed themselves to developing the south of Italy into a major tourist area, there are short term and long term plans for the growth of the entire area and it is expected to be a major tourist destination within the next few years.

Best houses

Our selection of homes was made thinking of the best interests of our clients. We have recently acquired more properties and have available, some of the best homes in the old hamlet, bright, comfortable spacious, open view balconies and terraces; these are just some of the features and structural characteristics of some of the homes chosen for you. Any restorations will be made following old traditional country methods developed over centuries in the south of Italy. In fact, all materials that will be used are of the highest Italian quality: Italian cotto (terracotta) for floors, distinguished tiles for bathrooms and kitchens (if you like you can also choose from a selection of handmade ceramic tiles). Furnishings will all be in classic Italian style made from good quality wood.

The final result will be a comfortable home decorated and furnished in the best of Italian style. If you have ever dreamed of owning your own home in an unspoilt region of Italy this is your opportunity, all that you have dreamed of is now within your reach.

As we have such a varied selection of homes all of our house prices will be made based on the size of the house and restorations work, if needed.

Further options are always available from those initially offered, we are constantly looking at and negotiating new properties.

Who will you meet

When you arrive in Calitri you will meet with Emma Basile, a young business woman born and still living in Calitri, Emma has studied in Naples, where she took a degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences, she then went on to Milan, to develop her knowledge in tourism, Emma has now dedicated her self to promoting and developing tourism in her native little town of Calitri. Emma has opened a comprehensive services agency, Porta d’ Oriente, linked to her role of real estate agent. As part of her role Emma will guide clients every step of the way from the purchase, to restorations’ works, to furnishing, to the management of your home when you are not resident in it.

As well as all of this Emma would be happy to remain in constant contact with you and even help you to organise your trip in Italy, including transfers from the airport to Calitri (for English clients it is recommended Bari airport where Ryan Air low cost airline flies regularly); as for booking the best hotels such as the ‘Agriturismo’ B&B and a typical ‘Casette’ in the hamlet (the prototype) Emma is also able to book these on your behalf; When in the beautiful region of Calitri Emma can be available to act as your guide showing you the many attractions that Calitri and the surrounding area has to offer. Whether you are thinking of investing in this very exciting project or just visiting for a moment or two of real enchantment in an area of unspoilt beauty Emma is able to meet all of your needs.

For any further information about purchasing homes in Calitri or help in organising your next trip to Calitri, please visit this web-site: and contact Emma Basile.

We will be happy to help you fall in love with Calitri!